Inspired by the natural world, femininity and identity, Melody's work uses energetic brush strokes and a vivid colour palette to portray bold, abstract florals, expressive figures, and dreamscape-style scenes scattered with biological forms. 

Over the last few years Melody has taken her work to the streets, creating site-specific vibrant and attention-grabbing murals - including pieces on the Berlin Wall. Exploration, fun, and a deep sense of curiosity are at the heart of her work. Expect an explosion of colour and a splash of magic.

Mural prices are calculated based on a combination of the materials, design, size, and any travel costs if required.

The total price of a mural is made up of the following:

​Design Fee and Materials: £100 - £150
This covers the cost of materials and the design work to create the right style and colour scheme for the mural, including any mock-ups of design ideas. It also includes the cost of materials of up to 6 different colours. Additional colours can be added for an extra charge.

Rendering: £30-£110 ​per sq metre
This covers the work required to paint the mural, and is dependant on the complexity of the design.

Please get in touch if you'd like a quote.