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Melody G Studio is the brainchild of an artist - a small corner of the web for all of my creative ventures. You'll find everything from murals to print, graphic and UX design.

Inspired by the natural world, femininity and identity, my artwork explores energetic brush strokes and a vivid colour palette to portray bold, abstract florals, expressive figures, and dreamscape-style scenes scattered with biological forms. My abstract works are often an experimentation in colour and movement, serving as a starting point for larger pieces. 


"Melody's signature vibrant paintings share a sense of playfulness as she explores the creation of movement through a static image. Her work loves to experiment with abstract textures and shapes that cannot be portrayed in other mediums, investigating this unique possibility to create something entirely new that painting, as a medium, encompasses. She has recently taken her work to the streets, creating site-specific vibrant and attention-grabbing murals - including pieces on the Berlin Wall. Exploration, fun, and a deep sense of curiosity are at the heart of her work."


Melody is the girl behind the website; an ambitious artist and designer from London. Surrounded by the bustling and demanding nature of London and more recently, Berlin, she's determined to make some positive noise in the artistic community. 

Alongside her artwork and murals, Melody works with as a designer and digital content creator - including graphic and UX design, print design, social media content & analytics, and illustration. Please get in touch for any enquiries or to request a a portfolio. 


Alongside my love of visual art, my background in design has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of brands providing work as a graphic designer, UX designer, illustrator and content creator.

I have worked creating graphics and UX designs for a range of public apps as well as B2B, taking a client from moodboard, to wireframes, to hi-fi and visually exciting designs. At the heart of my work is a passion for creating eye-catching visuals and storytelling, whilst engaging and converting an audience.  As well as UX designs for apps and web, I have worked creating visuals for marketing, branding and printed media. Whether it’s sleek app interfaces or vibrant illustrations for a campaign, my aim is to create designs that fit the brand as well as serve a purpose.

Alongside producing visuals and UX across multiple platforms, I create and implement social media plans and content, blog posts, newsletters, print design or printed media where required.

The visuals I create include everything from UX to graphic design to illustration to photography, as well as brand design itself (including logo design, creating brand guidelines, producing and giving guidance on web design). Previous clients include Shopify, Urban Outfitters, Buzzpinky and more.

Please find examples of my work below, and feel free to get in touch with any enquiries.



My illustration work includes commissions and brief work for various clients in a range of styles, including Shopify, Oberlo, Urban Outfitters, BuzzPinky and independent brands. Whether you need illustrations, icons or graphics for your retail brand, digital magazine, child's book or app, we can work together to find a style that suits your needs.


Combining my love for fashion and art, I produce freelance surface design work for a range of companies. Primarily working with Etch studios with a focus on current trends, I have a broad print portfolio and welcome commissions, licensing enquiries, and layout work. Clients include Urban Outfitters, Bardot, Rose Greenbaum.​


If the piece you like is unavailable or you're interested in commissioning a special custom piece, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am open to commissions and freelance work of all sorts!


Melody graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2013 with a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art Painting. Since then she has continued her practice, as well as working as a graphic and print designer, copywriter, and digital content creator. She continues to take part in a number of group and solo exhibitions both in the UK and internationally. She currently lives between London and Berlin and is continuing her practice.

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