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A set of 10 hand-painted false nails, by artist Melody G. Completely one of a kind, with individual nail art and gems or charms. 


The nails are painted and cured with gel polish for extra strength.


Each set comes with a miniature glue and nail file. When applied correctly, the nails can last up to a couple of weeks and can be reused. Please make sure to read the notes below to get the maximum wear out of your nails.



- clean hands with soap and water, and thoroughly dry
- ensure nail beds are clean - do not touch as this stage to avoid transferring oil onto the nails
- push back/trim cuticles as necessary 
- file own nails down to uniform size/shape 
- gentle buff nail surface for extra hold 
- brush off dust or wipe off with prep fluid
- apply a SMALL amount of glue to the base of the nail on the back (if you use too much glue they may not stick)
- hold against your nail tip at a 90 degree angle and gently slide it onto your nail, pressing down firmly from the tip 
- repeat and allow nails to dry fully 


- if nails aren’t applied correctly, wear time may be shorter 
- avoid hands getting in contact with any solvents or oils 
- excessive manual work or washing may affect nail longevity and appearance



    Unfortunately, due to the delicate and handmade nature of the pieces, returns are not accepted. However, please get in touch if you're unhappy with your purchase and we'll do everything we can to sort it out.