Melody G Studio is the brainchild of an artist - a small corner of the web for all of her creative ventures. You'll find everything from original artworks, to commercial print design and licensing, to copywriting and digital content creation.

Melody Grossman is the girl behind the business; an ambitious fine artist and print designer from London. Surrounded by the bustling and demanding nature of London and more recently, Berlin, she's determined to make some positive noise in the artistic community. 


Inspired by the natural world, individual identity and sexuality, Melody's works incorporate energetic, abstract brush strokes and colours as she portrays a variety of subjects. She has recently taken her work to the streets, creating site-specific vibrant and attention-grabbing murals - including pieces on the Berlin Wall. Melody continues to take part in a number of group and solo exhibitions both in the UK and internationally, and continues to partner with ‘This Must Be For You’ arts organisation and gifting campaign, having artworks sent out across the world. She currently lives in Berlin and is continuing her practice.

Melody graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2013 with a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art Painting, and since then has been developing her work and exploring digital collage and painting, blurring the lines between mediums and playing with bright colours and figurative imagery. Alongside this, her subjects explore the notions of identity, sexuality, longing and loss. Melody also experiments with abstract colours, textures and shapes that cannot be portrayed in other mediums, and investigates this unique possibility to create something entirely new that painting, as a medium, encompasses. 

DIGITAL CONTENT CREATION (Graphics, photography & copywriting)


Melody has worked as a freelance content creator and copywriter, producing content for agencies and directly to clients. She works creating graphics and copy for social media marketing in-line with individual brands, as well as planning and implementing social media plans when required. Including work with SEO, social analytics, brand design, and more. Clients include Oberlo, Handshake, Sampa, Shopify, Tui, Boden, Medium. Specialising in blog posts for fashion, travel and art, she also works creating social media copy and product/category descriptions for ecommerce.


Once again combining her love for fashion and art, Melody has produced freelance surface design work for a range of companies. Primarily working with Etch studios with a focus on current trends, she has a broad print portfolio and welcomes commissions, licensing enquiries, and layout work. Clients include Urban Outfitters, Bardot, Rose Greenbaum.​


As well as continuing to develop her colourful paintings and photographic artwork, Melody recently worked on creating a handmade jewellery and accessories brand using her original print designs - making each piece from scratch.

Melody has been extremely interested in fashion for a while and came up with the idea of combining her two main loves of fashion and art to create the accessory range - to create something that was affordable but still visually exciting. By making the artwork wearable and usable, she hopes to create something that can be appreciated in a different way to traditional hanging artworks. This was the perfect way to work with two things she truly loves, and get to share her artwork with a different audience.​

Everything from the design to the final product is made by her. She creates the digital images for the print and the designs for the vector files. The pieces are physically printed and laser-cut at the suppliers; then she adds the fixings by hand and packages each piece to sell. This is all done in the artists London studio, and where possible she uses local suppliers.


Please drop us a line or feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you! Melody is open to commissions and freelance work of all sorts, whether it's a painted portrait or some social media managing.